Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dream Awake

A trip consisting of 2 weeks, 7 states, and 10 seemingly endless flights means visits to countless coffee shops!  We went to the first Starbucks store ever in Seattle, Citizen Coffee, Tully's Coffee, World Cup Coffee + Tea, Dragonfly Coffee House, Peet's Coffee, Black Bear Coffee Company, MadCap Coffee, & Marie Catribs. I got an iced latte almost everywhere. Its so fun to experience the different atmospheres that each shop presents. Cozy, modern, classy, clean, woodsy, hippie, etc. 

Citizen was right by our hotel in Seattle. It was by far my favorite coffee shop. If I ever opened a cafe, it would be very similar to this one. Plus they had the best roasted potatoes I have ever had!

Dragonfly Coffee House had the best atmosphere. It was quaint, victorian, and so cozy. I just loved it.

World Cup Coffee & Tea had the best espresso out of all the places we went. Fabulous!

Coolest ceiling at Black Bear Coffee Company in Hendersonville NC. The whole ceiling was covered with coffee bags. Such a great idea.

Finished off the week with Turkish coffee at Marie Catribs with my best friend Jeanne.

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