Monday, September 20, 2010

"By not acknowledging that our gifts are a part
of God's purpose for us, we stop exercising our playful, inventive, imaginative selves and instead focus only on the necessities of making a living, a home, a family, and a place for ourselves in the grown-up world." ~ Janice Elsheimer

Have you ever seen Finding Neverland? I love that movie for so many reasons but one part that I alway love is when JM Barrie and his wife go to bed each in their separate bedrooms. She opens the door into her boring dark bedroom and steps in. Barrie opens the door to his room and it opens up into a bright forest with laughter and fairies...He lived in his imagination and it allowed him to greatly use his gifts to bring us great stories, most notably Peter Pan. Are you too grown up to use your imagination? Are your gifts tucked neatly away as something you used to do when you were an irresponsible child?

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